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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolite Produced by (Species) Molecular weightsort descending References Structure image
Nigerapyrone D A. niger 248.27
Aspergiketal A. terreus 250.25
Citrinin A. terreus 250.25
Citrinin A. candidus 250.25
O-ethylparvulenone A. parvulus 250.29
Gregatin B A. panamensis 250.29
Viridicatin, methyl ether Viridicatin, methyl ether 251
Citrinin A. terreus 251.0930
Terrein A. terreus 251.0930
Sydonol Sydonol 252
phthalide or chromanol (4) A. duricaulis 254.24
Chrysophanol A. crystallinus 254.24
Chrysophanol A. glaucus 254.24
Chrysophanol A. aculeatus 254.24
Astepyrone metabolite 4 A. terreus 254.24
N-benzoyl-L-phenylalaninol A. flavipes 255.31
Fumigaclavine B A. fumigatus 256.34
alanyltryptophan anhydride A. chevalieri 257
Pergillin A. ustus 260.29
versiol versiol 262
Aspermutarubrol (Ethericin A, Violaceol I) A. funiculosus 262.26
Aspermutarubrol (Ethericin A, Violaceol I) A. sydowii 262.26
Aspermutarubrol (Ethericin A, Violaceol I) Emericella violacea 262.26
Carboxydiphenylbutenoic anhydride A. nidulans 264.28
2-​methoxy-​6-​(3,​4-​dihydroxyhepta-​1,​5-​dienyl)​benzyl alcohol A. variecolor 264.32
sydonic acid sydonic acid 266
Dihydrocitrinone A. carneus 266.25
Aspterric acid A. terreus 266.33
phthalide or chromanol (5) A. duricaulis 268.26
Phenprocoumon metabolite 1 A. niger 268.31
Phenprocoumon metabolite 2 A. niger 268.31
Phenprocoumon metabolite 3 A. niger 268.31
Aspewentin A A. wentii 270
Antimicrobial metabolite 1 (emodin) A. terreus var. aureus 270.24
Emodin/Archin/Emodol/Frandulic Acid A. fumigatus 270.24
Emodin/Archin/Emodol/Frandulic Acid A. versicolor 270.24
Emodin/Archin/Emodol/Frandulic Acid A. wentii 270.24
Emodin/Archin/Emodol/Frandulic Acid A. terreus 270.24
Emodin/Archin/Emodol/Frandulic Acid A. glaucus 270.24
Emodin/Archin/Emodol/Frandulic Acid A. aculeatus 270.24
physcionanthrone B physcionanthrone B 270.28
physcionanthrone physcionanthrone 270.28
4-Methylprimaquine derived A. flavus 273
4-Methylprimaquine derived A. foetidus 273
4-Methylprimaquine derived A. flavipes 273
Gregatin A A. panamensis 276.33
Trivial name not known Aspergillus (species not defined) 278.1500
Aspergillomarasmine B A. oryzae 278.22
Aspergillomarasmine B A. flavus var. oryzae 278.22
Asperaculin A A. aculeatus 280.32