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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolite Produced by (Species) Molecular weightsort descending References Structure image
Austalide P Aspergillus (species not defined) 460.56
3-hydroxyfumiquinazoline A A. fumigatus 461
Echinuline A. chevalieri 461.64
Echinuline A. repens 461.64
Echinuline A. echinulatus 461.64
Echinuline A. amstelodami 461.64
Echinuline A. ruber 461.64
T-2 Toxin T-2 Toxin 466
5-N-Acetyl-15b-didehydroardeemin A. fumigatus 466
Asterriquinone B3 A. terreus 466.53
Asterriquinone C2 A. terreus 466.53
Asterriquinone C1 A. terreus 466.53
5-N-acetylardeemin A. fumigatus 468
Asterriquinone (3) A. terreus 468.54
Flavipin A. flavipes 468.98
Fumiquinazoline K A. fumigatus 469.49
Astellolide A A. variecolor 470.51
Tryptoquivaline N/ Deoxynortryptoquivalone/ Deoxytryptoquivaline B/ Fumitremorgin N Tryptoquivaline N/ Deoxynortryptoquivalone/ Deoxytryptoquivaline B/ Fumitremorgin N 472
Austalide B A. ustus 474.54
benzylbismethylthiopiperazinedione metabolite 1 A. terreus 474.64
Austalide R Aspergillus (species not defined) 476.52
Austalide H A. ustus 476.56
Fumitremorgin B A. fumigatus 479.57
Fumitremorgin B A. caespitosus 479.57
Fumitremorgin B Neosartorya fischeri 479.57
Fumitremorgin B A. sydowii 479.57
Fumitremorgin B A. tamarii 479.57
5-N-Acetyl-15bb-hydroxyardeemin A. fumigatus 484
5-N-Acetyl-16a-hydroxyardeemin A. fumigatus 484
Astellolide B A. variecolor 486.51
Austalide I A. ustus 486.55
Austalide O Aspergillus (species not defined) 490.54
Austalide F A. ustus 490.54
Arugosin G Emericella nidulans var. acristata 492.60
Paraherquamide A. silvaticus 493.59
Paraherquamide A. aculeatus 493.59
Paraherquamide A. japonicus 493.59
Cytochalasin E A. clavatus 495.57
Cytochalasin E A. terreus 495.57
Asterriquinones (1) A. terreus 496.60
Asterriquinones (2) A. terreus 496.60
Terpeptin B Terpeptin B 497.3110
Terpeptin A Terpeptin A 497.3128
Dehydroaustin Emericella dentata 498.52
Dehydroaustin A. ustus 498.52
Dehydroaustin A. versicolor 498.52
Austin A. ustus 500.55
Austin A. variecolor 500.55
aflatrem A. flavus 501.67
aflatrem A. minisclerotigenes 501.67