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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolite Produced by (Species) Molecular weightsort descending References Structure image
6,8-di-O-methylaverufin A. versicolor 396.39
6,8-di-O-methylnidurufin A. versicolor 396.39
6,​8-​O-​Dimethylaverufin (SIPI 8917-​I) A. versicolor 396.39
Xanthoascin acetate Xanthoascin acetate 398
Deoxypodophyllotoxin A. fumigatus 398.41
Deoxypodophyllotoxin A. niger 398.41
Asterriquinone D A. terreus 398.41
(+)-Geodin A. terreus 399.0057
Geodin 1 A. terreus 399.18
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  2. The biochemistry of micro-organisms. LI. The metabolic products of Aspergillus terreus Thom. 2. Two new chlorine-​containing mol
  3. Aspergillus uvarum sp. nov., an uniseriate black Aspergillus species isolated from grapes in Europe.
Aspochalasin B A. microcysticus 399.52
Aspochalasin F Aspergillus sp. FO-​4282 399.52
versiconal acetate versiconal acetate 400
Versiconal hemiacetal acetate (1) versiconal hemiacetal acetate (1) 400
Versiconal hemiacetal acetate (2) Versiconal hemiacetal acetate (2) 400
Yanuthone Yanuthone 400
Asperugin A. rugulosus 400.51
Ophiobolin A A. ustus 400.55
Ophiobolin A A. calidoustus 400.55
Ophiobolin A A. insuetus 400.55
Ophiobolin A A. keveii 400.55
Geodin 2 A. terreus 401.19
Dihydrogeodin A. terreus 401.19
Dihydrogeodin A. terreus var. aureus 401.19
Aspochalasin C A. microcysticus 401.54
aspochalasin A A. microcysticus 401.54
Aspochalasin D A. microcysticus 401.54
Aspochalasin J A. flavipes 401.54
versiconol acetate versiconal acetate 402
tryptoquivaline F tryptoquivaline F 402.403
tryptoquivaline J tryptoquivaline J 402.403
Citreoviridin A. terreus 402.48
Ochratoxin A A. ochraceus 403.81
Ochratoxin A A. carbonarius 403.81
Ochratoxin A A. westerdijkiae 403.81
Ochratoxin A A. steynii 403.81
Ochratoxin A A. niger 403.81
Aflavinine A. flavus 405
Aflavinine A. bertholletius 405
Aflavinine A. tubingensis 405
Dihydromevinolin A. terreus 406.56
Kipukasin I A. versicolor 408.36
Aspergillus acid A A. wentii 408.57
Orlandin A. niger 410.37
Andilesin B A. variecolor 410.50
Anditomin A. variecolor 410.50
Anditomin Emericella variecolor 410.50
Austalide K A. ustus 412.52
Andilesin C A. variecolor 412.52
Chevalone E A. similanensis KUFA0013 415.2851
Demethyl asterriquinone A. terreus 416.43