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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolite Produced by (Species) Molecular weightsort descending References Structure image
Ochratoxin B A. ostianus 369.37
Ochratoxin B A. petrakii 369.37
Ochratoxin B A. alutaceus 369.37
Ochratoxin B A. auricomus 369.37
Ochratoxin B A. wentii 369.37
Xanthoascin (2) Xanthoascin (2) 372
Austocystin A A. ustus 372.76
Terremide B Terremide B 374
Dithiosilvatin A. silvaticus 378.51
Chlorflavonin A. candidus 378.76
Folipastatin A. unguis 380.43
Tryprostatin A Tryprostatin A 381.46808
sulphur-containing dioxopiperazine (1) sulphur-containing dioxopiperazine (1) 382
Indole-3-ethenamide A. sclerotiorum 382.25
6-O-methylaverufin A. versicolor 382.36
Iizukine A A. iizukae 382.749
Iizukine B A. iizukae 382.749
Aspochalasin G Aspergillus sp. FO-​4282 383.52
5,6-dimethoxysterigmatocystin A. multicolor 384.336
5,6-dimethoxysterigmatocystin Emericella foeniculicola 384.336
5,6-Dimethoxydihydrosterigmatocystin A. multicolor 386
Asperbiphenyl Aspergillus sp. (MF-93) 386.44
Emethacin B A. terreus 386.53
Erdin A. terreus 387.17
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. terreus 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. obscurus 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. oryzae 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. flavipes 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. versicolor 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. parasiticus 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. niger 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. flavus 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. wentii 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. tubingensis 388.54
Mevinolin (lovastatin) A. fumigatus 388.54
Cryptoechinuline A A. amstelodami 389.49
sphingofungin B sphingofungin B 389.527
Compactin (Statins) A. terreus 390.51
terremides A terremides A 391
Neoechinuline A. amstelodami 391.46
Neoechinuline Eurotium herbariorum 391.46
Neoechinuline Eurotium amstelodami 391.46
Neoechinuline Eurotium rubrum 391.46
Neoechinuline A. ustus 391.46
Neoechinuline Eurotium cristatum 391.46
Citraconic anhydride derivative A. wentii 394.54
Aspergillus acid D A. wentii 394.54
Phthioic acid A. fumigatus 395.6
Phthioic acid A. terreus 395.6
Phthioic acid A. niger 395.6