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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolitesort descending Produced by (Species) Molecular weight References Structure image
Asperphenamate A. flavipes 506
Asperpyrone A A. niger 572.52
Asperpyrone B A. niger 586.54
Asperpyrone C A. niger 570.54
Asperthecin A. nidulans 318.24
Asperthecin A. quadrilineatus 318.24
aspertoxin A. flavus 354.32
Asperugin A. rugulosus 400.51
asperversin A A. versicolor 782.96
Asperxanthone Aspergillus sp. (MF-93) 324.28
Aspewentin A A. wentii 270
Aspewentin B A. wentii 284
Aspewentin C A. wentii 286
Aspiketolactonol Aspergillus (species not defined)
Aspilactinol E Aspergillus (species not defined)
Aspilactinol F Aspergillus (species not defined)
Aspilactonol A Aspergillus (species not defined)
Aspilactonol C Aspergillus (species not defined)
Aspilactonol D Aspergillus (species not defined)
aspochalasin A A. microcysticus 401.54
Aspochalasin B A. microcysticus 399.52
Aspochalasin C A. microcysticus 401.54
Aspochalasin D A. microcysticus 401.54
Aspochalasin F Aspergillus sp. FO-​4282 399.52
Aspochalasin G Aspergillus sp. FO-​4282 383.52
Aspochalasin H Aspergillus sp. AJ117509 417.54
Aspochalasin I A. flavipes 417.54
Aspochalasin J A. flavipes 401.54
Aspochalasin K A. flavipes 433.58
Aspterric acid A. terreus 266.33
Aspulvinone A. terreus 448.51
Aspyrone A. melleus 184.19
Aspyronol Aspergillus (species not defined)
Astechrome A. terreus
Astechrome A. fumigatus
Astellolide A A. variecolor 470.51
Astellolide B A. variecolor 486.51
Astepyrone metabolite 1 A. terreus 198.17
Astepyrone metabolite 2 A. terreus 200.19
Astepyrone metabolite 3 A. terreus 216.23
Astepyrone metabolite 4 A. terreus 254.24
Astepyrone metabolite 5 A. terreus 349.29
Astepyrone metabolite 6 A. terreus 352.56
Asterric acid A. terreus 348.30
Asterriquinone (1) A. terreus 430.45
Asterriquinone (2) A. terreus 432.43
Asterriquinone (3) A. terreus 468.54
Asterriquinone (4) A. terreus 602.76
Asterriquinone A1 A. terreus 534.64
Asterriquinone A3 A. terreus 534.64