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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolitesort ascending Produced by (Species) Molecular weight References Structure image
Antimicrobial metabolite 2 A. terreus var. aureus 366.75
Antimicrobial metabolite 1 (emodin) A. terreus var. aureus 270.24
Antibiotic 704II, tetronic acid derivative A. panamensis 308.37
Anditomin A. variecolor 410.50
Anditomin Emericella variecolor 410.50
Andilesin C A. variecolor 412.52
Andilesin B A. variecolor 410.50
Andilesin A A. variecolor 428.52
Andilesin A. variecolor 208.21
andibenin C A. variecolor 428
andibenin C Emericella venezuelensis 428
Andibenin B A. variecolor 426.50
andibenin A A. stellatus 444.52
andibenin A Emericella venezuelensis 444.52
andibenin A. variecolor 426
andibenin Emericella variecolor 426
alanyltryptophan anhydride A. chevalieri 257
Aflavinine A. flavus 405
Aflavinine A. bertholletius 405
Aflavinine A. tubingensis 405
aflatrem A. flavus 501.67
aflatrem A. minisclerotigenes 501.67
aflatoxin Q1 A. flavus 328
aflatoxin P1 A. flavus 298
aflatoxin M2 A. flavus 330
aflatoxin M1 A. flavus 328.28
aflatoxin M1 A. parasiticus 328.28
Aflatoxin G2a A. flavus 346
aflatoxin G2 A. arachidicola 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. flavus 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. minisclerotigenes 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. nomius 330.29
aflatoxin G2 A. parasiticus 330.29
aflatoxin G1 A. parasiticus 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. arachidicola 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. flavus 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. minisclerotigenes 328.28
aflatoxin G1 A. nomius 328.28
Aflatoxin D1 A. flavus 286
Aflatoxin D1 A. parasiticus 286
Aflatoxin D1 A. versicolor 286
Aflatoxin B3 A. flavus 302.279
Aflatoxin B2b A. flavus 444.39
Aflatoxin B2a A. flavus 330
aflatoxin B2 A. flavus 314.29
aflatoxin B2 A. parasiticus 314.29
aflatoxin B2 A. nomius 314.29
aflatoxin B1 A. flavus 312.28
aflatoxin B1 A. parasiticus 312.28
aflatoxin B1 A. ochraceoroseus 312.28