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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolite Produced by (Species) Molecular weightsort descending References Structure image
tryptoquivaline I tryptoquivaline I 502.519
Austalide M Aspergillus (species not defined) 504.57
Asperphenamate A. flavipes 506
Gliotoxin G (2) A. fumigatus 508.70
Gliotoxin G (2) A. terreus 508.70
territrem A territrem A 510.532
verruculogen verruculogen 511.567
territrem C territrem C 512.548
Austalide A A. ustus 516.58
Austalide G A. ustus 518.60
pyripyropene T A. similanensis KUFA0013 524.2287
territrem B territrem B 526.575
Chloromethyresorcyloylhydroxyanisinate A. terreus var. aureus 527.30
Antimicrobial metabolite 3 A. terreus var. aureus 527.30
Malformin A A. niger 529.72
Malformin A A. ficuum 529.72
Malformin A A. awamori 529.72
Malformin A A. phoenicis 529.72
Malformin A A. tubingensis 529.72
Malformin C A. niger 529.72
Norisotryptoquivaline A. fumigatus 532.54
Nortryptoquivaline A. clavatus 532.55
Austalide E A. ustus 532.58
Austalide D A. ustus 532.58
Austalide N Aspergillus (species not defined) 532.58
Asterriquinone B1 A. terreus 534.64
Asterriquinone B2 A. terreus 534.64
Asterriquinone A3 A. terreus 534.64
Asterriquinone B4 A. terreus 534.64
Asterriquinone A1 A. terreus 534.64
Asterriquinone derivative 1 A. terreus 536.66
benzylbismethylthiopiperazinedione metabolite 2 A. terreus 542.31
Isotryptoquivaline A. fumigatus 546.57
Fumitremorgin C A. clavatus 546.57
Fumitremorgin C A. fumigatus 546.57
Fumitremorgin C Neosartorya fischeri 546.57
tryptoquivaline A tryptoquivaline A 546.571
Dianhydro-aurasperone C Aspergillus (species not defined) 556.52
Leporizine B Aspergillus (species not defined) 559.61
viomellein viomellein 560.505
Asterriquinone derivative 2 A. terreus 564.71
Pyripyropene S A. similanensis KUFA0013 566.2416
Bianthrone and secoanthraquinone secondary metabolite 3 A. wentii 566.60
JBIR-137 Aspergillus sp. fA75 567.76
Helvolic acid A. fumigatus 568.70
Helvolic acid Aspergillus sp. HT-2 568.70
Helvolic acid Aspergillus sp. CM9a 568.70
Helvolic acid Neosartorya fischeri 568.70
Helvolic acid Neosartorya tsunodae 568.70
Isoaurasperone A A. niger 570.54