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Aspergillus species produce a large number of secondary metabolites, sometimes referred to as extrolites. We attempt to list them all here and we also collect published papers that can be searched here


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Metabolitesort descending Produced by (Species) Molecular weight References Structure image
Secalonic acid B Secalonic acid B
secalonic acid D secalonic acid D 638.581
secalonic acid F secalonic acid F 638.572
SF002-96-1 A. janus
Siderin, Siderine Siderin, Siderine 208
silvaticamide silvaticamide 423
Silvaticol Silvaticol 194
Silvaticol precursor Silvaticol precursor 180
Similanamide A. similanensis KUFA0013 641.4053
Similanpyrone A A. similanensis KUFA0013 245.0450
Similanpyrone B A. similanensis KUFA0013 207.0658
similanpyrone C A. similanensis KUFA0013 345.1342
sphingofungin A sphingofungin A 431.567
sphingofungin B sphingofungin B 389.527
sphingofungin C sphingofungin C 431.563
sphingofungin D sphingofungin D 431.563
Spinulosin Spinulosin 184.146
sterigmatocystin sterigmatocystin 324.284
Sterigmatocystin A. versicolor 324.28
sulochrin sulochrin 332
Sulochrin triacetate Sulochrin triacetate 458
Sulochrin, monochlor derivative Sulochrin, monochlor derivative 366
sulphur-containing dioxopiperazine (1) sulphur-containing dioxopiperazine (1) 382
sulphur-containing dioxopiperazine (2) sulphur-containing dioxopiperazine (2) 446
sydonic acid sydonic acid 266
Sydonol Sydonol 252
Sydoxanthone C Aspergillus sp. SCSIO Ind09F01
T-2 Toxin T-2 Toxin 466
Taxol Taxol 853.906
Terpeptin A Terpeptin A 497.3128
Terpeptin B Terpeptin B 497.3110
terphenyllin terphenyllin 338
Terrecyclic acid Terrecyclic acid 248.317
Terreic acid A. terreus
terreic acid terreic acid 154.12
Terrein A. terreus 251.0930
terrein terrein 154.163
Terrein precursor Terrein precursor 194
Terrelactone Terrelactone 442
Terrelumamide A A. terreus 457.1443
Terrelumamide B A. terreus 443.1315
Terremide B Terremide B 374
terremides A terremides A 391
terremutin terremutin 156
terretonin terretonin
territrem A territrem A 510.532
territrem B territrem B 526.575
territrem C territrem C 512.548
Tetrahydroauroglaucin Tetrahydroauroglaucin 302
Toluquinone metabolite 1 Toluquinone metabolite 1 154