Microbiologically induced deterioration of concrete - A Review


Wei, SP. Jiang, ZL. Liu, H. Zhou, DS. Sanchez-Silva, M.
BRAZILIAN JOURNAL OF MICROBIOLOGY Volume: 44 Issue: 4 Pages: 1001-1007 Published: OCT-DEC 2013


Microbiologically induced deterioration (MID) causes corrosion of concrete by producing acids (including organic and inorganic acids) that degrade concrete components and thus compromise the integrity of sewer pipelines and other structures, creating significant problems worldwide. Understanding of the fundamental corrosion process and the causal agents will help us develop an appropriate strategy to minimize the costs in repairs. This review presents how microorganisms induce the deterioration of concrete, including the organisms involved and their colonization and succession on concrete, the microbial deterioration mechanism, the approaches of studying MID and safeguards against concrete biodeterioration. In addition, the uninvestigated research area of MID is also proposed.