Mevinolin (lovastatin)



Trivial name: 

Butanoic acid, 2-​methyl-​, 1,​2,​3,​7,​8,​8a-​hexahydro-​3,​7-​dimethyl-​8-​[2-​(tetrahydro-​4-​hydroxy-​6-​oxo-​2H-​pyran-​2-​yl)​ethyl]​-​1-​naphthalenyl ester, [1S-​[1α(R*)​,​3α,​7β,​8β(2S*,​4S*)​,​8aβ]​]​-; (+)​-​Mevinolin; 6α-​Methylcompactin; Altocor; Altoprev; Antibiotic MB 530B; L 154803; Lestric; Lostatin; Lovacard; Lovalip; Lovastatin; Lovastatin lactone; Lovex; MK 803; MSD 803; Mevacor; Mevinacor; Mevinolin; Mevlor; Monacolin K; Monacolin K lactone; Sivlor

Systematic name: 

[3,7-dimethyl-8-[2-(6-oxotetrahydropyran-2-yl)ethyl]-1,2,3,7,8,8a-hexahydronaphthalen-1-yl] 2-methylbutanoate

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Mevinolin: a highly potent competitive inhibitor of hydroxymethylglutaryl-​coenzyme A reductase and a cholesterol-​lowering agent. Alberts A W; Chen J; Kuron G; Hunt V; Huff J; Hoffman C; Rothrock J; Lopez M; Joshua H; Harris E; et al. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (1980), 77(7), 3957-61. Process for the isolation of lovastatin. Hajko, Pavica; Vesel, Tanja; Radez, Ivan; Pokorny, Miroslav. PCT Int. Appl. (1994), WO 9429292 A1 19941222. Lovastatin production by solid state fermentation using Aspergillus flavipes. Valera, H. R.; Gomes, J.;...

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