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m-​Anisic acid, 5-​hydroxy-​2-​(6-​methoxy-​2,​4-​cresotoyl)​-​, methyl ester (7CI,​8CI); 1,​2-​Secotrypacidin; Methylsulochrin; Monomethylsulochrin; Sulochrin, methyl-

Systematic name: 

Benzoic acid, 5-​hydroxy-​2-​(2-​hydroxy-​6-​methoxy-​4-​methylbenzoyl)​-​3-​methoxy-​, methyl ester

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The production of trypacidin and monomethylsulochrin by Aspergillus fumigatus. Turner, W. B. Journal of the Chemical Society (1965), (Nov.), 6658-9. Secondary metabolites of Aspergillus fumigatus var. fumigatus. Lu, Chun-Hua; Huang, Yao-Jian; Shen, Yue-Mao. Zhongguo Tianran Yaowu (2005), 3(5), 269-271. A new diphenyl ether from marine-​derived fungus Aspergillus sp. B-​F-​2. Liu, Rui; Zhu, Weiming; Zhang, Yapeng; Zhu, Tianjiao; Liu, Hongbing; Fang, Yuchun; Gu, Qianqun. Journal of Antibiotics (2006), 59(6), 362-365.

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