Mellein/ Ochracin



Trivial name: 

1H-​2-​Benzopyran-​1-​one, 3,​4-​dihydro-​8-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl-​, (R)​-; Isocoumarin, 3,​4-​dihydro-​8-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl-​, (R)​-​(-​)​- (8CI); (-​)​-​(R)​-​Mellein; (-​)​-​Mellein; (3R)​-​Mellein; (R)​-​(-​)​-​Mellein; (R)​-​3,​4-​Dihydro-​8-​hydroxy-​3-​methyl-​1H-​2-​benzopyran-​1-​one; (R)​-​Mellein; Mellein; Ochracin

Systematic name: 

1H-2-Benzopyran-1-one, 3,4-dihydro-8-hydroxy-3-methyl-, (3R)-

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Ochracin, a new metabolic product of Aspergillus ochraceus. Yabuta, Teijiro; Sumiki, Yusuke. Nippon Nogei Kagaku Kaishi (1933), 9, 1264-75. Biochemisty of molds. II. A metabolic product of Aspergillus melleus Yukawa. Nishikawa, Eijiro. Nippon Nogei Kagaku Kaishi (1933), 9, 772-4. New metabolic products of Aspergillus flavus. I. Asperentin, its methyl ethers, and 5'-​hydroxyasperentin. Grove, John Frederick. Journal of the Chemical Society, Perkin Transactions 1: Organic and Bio-Organic Chemistry (1972-1999) (1972), (19), 2400-6.

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