Medical Mycology

This four-week course is intended for microbiologists (MDs, PharmDs, PhDs & veterinarians) willing to catch up with the most recent advances in diagnosis and identification procedures and principles of therapy for fungal infections.

Lectures, bench sessions & informal panel discussions will cover numerous technical and medical aspects related to fungal cultures, antifungal drugs, diagnosis and monitoring of patients, polyphasic identification of strains, epidemiology, diagnostic criteria and principles of therapeutic management of the most important yeast and filamentous fungal infections.

Expected lecturers:

A. Alanio (France), M. Arendrup, (Denmark), T. Boekhout (The Netherlands), S. Bretagne (France), T. Calandra (Switzerland), A. Carvalho (Portugal), M. Cuenca-Estrella (Spain), C. d’Enfert (France), J. Dupont (France), F. Dromer (France), J.-P. Gangneux (France), D. Garcia-Hermoso (France), J. Guillot (France), R. Hay (UK), V. Jullien (France), G. Jouvion (France), F. Lanternier (France), C. Lass-Flörl (Austria), F. Lamoth (Switzerland), O. Lortholary (France), J. Maertens (Belgium), P. Munoz (Spain), R. Piarroux (France), M. Richardson (UK), V. Robert (The Netherlands), D. Sanglard (Switzerland), M. Sanguinetti (Italy), A. Stchigel (Spain), P. Verweij (The Netherlands), J. Quintin (France).

Online registration:


Dea Garcia Hermoso 
Olivier Lortholary

Head of practical sessions:

Dea Garcia Hermoso

Practical information:

Deadline for application: December 20, 2018

Attendees: 20 students

Contact: [email protected]

Start and end dates: 

Monday, March 18, 2019 to Friday, April 12, 2019
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