Malformin A



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Malformin A (7CI,​8CI); 15,​16-​Dithia-​2,​5,​8,​11,​19-​pentaazabicyclo[11.4​.2]​nonadecane, cyclic peptide deriv.; Malformin A1

Systematic name: 

Cyclo(D-cysteinyl-D-cysteinyl-L-valyl-D-leucyl-L-leucyl), cyclic (1®2)-disulfide<br />&#13; Malformin A&#13;

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Chemical studies on malformin. I. Malformin A. Marumo, Shingo; Curtis, Roy W. Phytochemistry (Elsevier) (1962), 1, 245-57. Malformins from Aspergillus ficuum, A. awamori, and A. phoenicis. Iriuchijima, Shinobu; Curtis, Roy W. Phytochemistry (Elsevier) (1969), 8(8), 1397-9. Asperpyrone D and other metabolites of the plant-​associated fungal strain Aspergillus tubingensis. Zhan, Jixun; Gunaherath, G. M. Kamal B.; Wijeratne, E. M. Kithsiri; Gunatilaka, A. A. Leslie. Phytochemistry (Elsevier) (2007), 68(3), 368-372.


Antibiotic. mouse LD50 intraperitoneal 3100ug/kg (3.1mg/kg) EFFECTS: GASTROINTESTINAL: OTHER CHANGES. LIVER: OTHER CHANGES. KIDNEY, URETER, AND BLADDER: OTHER CHANGES Agricultural and Biological Chemistry. Vol. 39, Pg. 1325, 1975.

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