Isodihydroauroglaucin 1



Trivial name: 

Benzaldehyde, 2-​(5-​heptenyl)​-​3,​6-​dihydroxy-​5-​(3-​methyl-​2-​butenyl)​-​, (E)​-; Benzaldehyde, 2-​(5E)​-​5-​heptenyl-​3,​6-​dihydroxy-​5-​(3-​methyl-​2-​butenyl)​- (9CI); Auroglaucin, isotetrahydro-; Isotetrahydroaurogla​ucin

Systematic name: 

Benzaldehyde, 2-(5E)-5-heptenyl-3,6-dihydroxy-5-(3-methyl-2-butenyl)-

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Isolation and structures of two new metabolites from Aspergillus ruber. Hamasaki, Takashi; Fukunaga, Mamoru; Kimura, Yasuo; Hatsuda, Yuichi. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry (1980), 44(7), 1685-7. Structure of a new metabolite, dihydroauroglaucin, produced by Aspergillus chevalieri. Hamasaki, Takashi; Kimura, Yasuo; Hatsuda, Yuichi; Nagao, Minako. Agricultural and Biological Chemistry (1981), 45(1), 313-14. Benzaldehyde derivatives from Eurotium rubrum, an endophytic fungus derived from the mangrove plant Hibiscus tiliaceus. Li, Dong-Li; Li, Xiao-Ming; Li, Tie-Gang; Dang, Hong-Yue;...

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