IPA in leukaemia (B)

25/04/90 After itraconazole treatment. Major improvement, defined as a complete response, after 10 weeks therapy with itraconazole.

Bilateral diffuse invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, proven by transbronchial biopsy after resolution of neutropenia. He was treated with oral itraconazole 400mg daily with a good outcome. His case was reported in Denning DW, Lee JY, Hostetler JS, Pappas P, Kauffman CA, Dewsnup DH, Galgiani JN, Graybill JR, Sugar AM, Catanzaro A, Gallis H, Perfect JR, Dockery B, Dismukes WE, Stevens DA, NIAID Mycoses Study Group multicenter trial of oral itraconazole therapy of invasive aspergillosis. Am J Med 1994; 97: 135-144.

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