An investigation into the efficacy of itraconazole as a preventative and treatment of aspergillus infections in seabirds


Tseng FS


The purpose of this study was to scientifically document the efficacy ofitraconazole (Sporanox®; Janssen Pharmaceuticals) as a preventative for infection with Aspergillus sp. in seabirds, particularly the common murre (Uria aalge). It is postulatedthat stress induced immune suppression from preexisting disease or injury and/or frombeing in captivity as well as immune suppression resulting from exposure to oil renders seabirds susceptible to infection with Aspergillus sp. The first specific aim of this projectwas to study the pharmacokinetics of itraconazole in the common murre. Asubsequent goal of this multiyear project was to study the efficacy of itraconazole as a preventative treatment in the common murre.