Inventory and Database of Fungi in Taiwan

Shenghua Wu

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Department of Biology, National Museum of Natural Science, Taichung, Taiwan, ROC


The earliest contribution of our knowledge of the fungi in Taiwan was mostly from a Japanese AMC 2013 & 13th IMFMS August 19-23, 2013 Beijing, China 47 mycologist, Kaneyoshi Sawada, by his 11 volumes of the Descriptive Catalogue of Formosan Fungi, with 2,464 species reported. Nowadays, about 6,000 fungal species have been reported from Taiwan. These species can be on-line searched ( More than Twenty thousand fungal species can be present in Taiwan. However, currently only about ten mycologists are active in taxonomic study in Taiwan. The "œDigital Fungal Hall of Taiwan" ( contains various fungal databases, which were established and supported by National Museum of Natural Science, National Agricultural Council, and National Science Council in the recent two decades. The databases are classified as three parts. (1): Fungal studies in Taiwan: Checklist of the Fungi in Taiwan, Catalogue of mycologists in Taiwan, fungal barcoding in Taiwan, literature of early stage of fungal taxonomy in Taiwan, fungal specimens deposited in overseas herbaria, fungal knowledge, and fungal flora of Taiwan. (2): Fungal collections in TNM: Fungal specimens of TNM, type specimens in TNM, fungal cultures in TNM, nucleotide sequences of fungal collections in TNM, and knowledge of fungal collections in TNM. (3) Others: Mycological Society of Republic of China, the mycological journal "œFungal Science," and fungal photos.

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Asian Mycological Congress 2013 and the 13th International Marine and Freshwater Mycology Symposium
    • AMC 2013