The indoor environment and asthma

D.N. Leitch, C.L. Bron-dy, R.M. Baker, J. Griffiths, S.C. Stenton, S.J. Bourke, D,J, Hendiick.


Anecdotal reports suggest that university students with asthma have more respiratory symptoms when living in commercial rented accommodation (RA) off campus compared with university halls of residence (HoR). A change in the level of indoor air pollution might be an important factor in this increase, and die aim of this pilot study was to investigate this further.All 2650 third year Newcastle University students were sent a questionnaire, returned by 1333.471 had lived in HoR in Year 1 and RA in Years 2 and 3. The students were asked if any current symptom was unchanged, better or worse since the first year:In addition we found that Der p 1 allergen levels were markedly lower (p

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7th European Respiratory Society Annual Conference
    • ERS 17th (2007)