Improving A. niger asparaginase via directed evolution

Ilse de Lange, Jan-Metske van der Laan, Richard Kerkman, W im Bijleveld, Mark Stor

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DSM Biotechnology Center , P.O. Box 1, 2600 MA Delft, The Netherlands,


The filamentous fungus Aspergillus niger has extensively been used for recombinant protein production. The sequencing of the A. niger CBS513-88 genome, an ancestor of our current enzyme production strains, yielded easy access to numerous protein encoding genes. Some of these genes encode valuable new food enzymes. One of those new products is A. niger asparaginase, an enzyme effective in mitigation of acrylamide formation in food products. To improve efficiency of A. niger asparaginase in application, we applied directed evolution to optimize the pH-activity profile of the enzyme. Several new variants were identified, which show improved performance both in vitro and in small scale application tests.

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7th International Aspergillus Meeting
    • Asperfest 7 (2010)