High concentration indoor role of fungi of in pathogenesis of fungi allergy in St. Petersburg

Y.I. Kozlova

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Medical Academy of Postgraduate Educatio, ST. PETERSBURG, Russian Federation


Background: Fungal spores and mycelium in air can cause allergic reactions. There is not enough reliable information about influence of concentration in the air of indoor fungi on frequency of fungal allergy in inhabitants. Materials and methods: In this study we have studied 85 inhabitants of 144 flats. The investigated group consisted of 67 inhabitants of 126 flats with visual mould defeat. The age was 4 - 65 years (median ' 30.5), men - 21 (31%), women - 46 (69%). The control group consisted of 18 inhabitants of 18 flat without visual mouldy defeat. The age was 17 - 64 years (median ' 23.5), men - 7 (38%), women - 11 (62%). Air sampling we made with the PU-1B. Air samples were inoculated in agar with levomicitin. A level of specific IgE in serum was defined with the MAST-panel to Aspergillus, Mucor, Alternaria, Penicillium and Cladosporium allergens. Results: In 86% of flats with visual mould defeat the amount of fungi in air samples exceeded 500/m3, in 32% of flats - more than 3000/m3. In flats without visual mould defeat the amount of fungi in air samples was significantly lower, in 89% of flats it didn’t exceed 500/m3 (p "¹ 0,05). In all air samples Aspergillus spp., Penicillium spp., Cladosporium spp., Rhizopus spp., Mucor spp., Alternaria alternata were revealed. Sensitization to Aspergillus have revealed at 42% inhabitants of flats with visual mould defeat, to Mucor - 15%, Alternaria - 15%, Penicillium - 9 %, Cladosporium spp. - 5 %. In inhabitants of flats without visual mould defeat specific Ig E to fungal allergens we didn’t reveal (p "¹ 0,05). Conclusions: The increased indoor molds concentration in air is a risk factor of fungal sensitizing. Aspergillus spp. are most frequent cause of flats mould defeat and fungal allergy in inhabitants.

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3rd Trends in Medical Mycology
    • TIMM 3rd (2011)