Genes of Medical Interest


A selection of those genes or gene clusters that are important to human health and the bringing together all of the resources in the Aspergillus Website that relate to those genes into one place.

Human Medical Genetics

Medgen at NCBI lists a series of articles relating to human medical genetics. At the time of typing this (June 2018) there were 23 entires for 'aspergillosis' and 84 for 'aspergillus'. Entries range from groups of recent articles relating to disease categories & cases as well as to pharmacologic substances derived from Aspergillus species. 

Halavi describe MedGen as "portal to information about human disorders and other phenotypes having a genetic component. MedGen is structured to serve health care professionals, the medical genetics community, and other interested parties by providing centralized access to diverse types of content."

Comparative genomics: Industrially & Medically important fungi 

Review (2017)

Genes Clusters

Gliotoxin biosynthesis

Mycotoxins: Current status of genomic research

Cytochrome P450

Superoxidase dismutase family


Fungus Allergen Database (Japan) 

  • A. niger
  • A. lucuensis
  • A. kawachii

Allerbase: a comprehensive allergen knowledgebase

  • A. flavus
  • A. fumigatus
  • A. niger
  • A oryzae
  • A versicolor

AllFam - The database of allergen families