General training in mycology can be offered

Agro-food & Environmental Fungal Collection (BCCM/MUCL)

General training in mycology can be offered under different objectives:

  • Isolation, culture and preservation methods
  • Conventional and molecular identification
  • Taxonomy

Representative strains of the major taxonomic groups of fungi have been selected for teaching purposes and are available at a reduced price (see pricelist).

The CEnter of Study on Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Monoxenics (CESAMM) and the Glomeromycota IN vitro COllection (MUCL/GINCO) have made the in vitro cultivation of AM fungi their primary research tool to study these fungi and their relationships with their host plants. Since 2005, CESAMM and GINCO organize an international training to researchers, technicians and industrials on the techniques to culture AM fungi under in vitro conditions. This training is organized each year in late May.

Contact : Sylvie Cranenbrouck

No fixed date to begin course
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