GDP-mannose transporter contributes to polarity establishment in Aspergillus nidulans.

Loretta Jackson-Hayes, Laura R. Johnson, Barbara S. Gordon, Terry W . Hill, Darlene M . Loprete.

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Departments of Biology and Chemistry, Rhodes College, 2000 N. Parkway, Memphis, TN 38112, [email protected]


GDP-mannose transporters (Gmt) carry nucleotide sugars from the cytosol across the Golgi apparatus membrane in various eukaryotic organisms including plants and a variety of fungi. Some fungal species including Saccharomyces cerevisiae express a single Gmt, while others including A. nidulans express two orthologues (GmtA and GmtB) whose individual roles have not been elucidated. GmtA displays a punctate pattern of distribution indicative of localization within the Golgi apparatus. Here we show that GmtB localization is congruent with GmtA in mature hyphae. Real-time reverse transcriptase PCR shows a gradual decrease in GmtA expression during the first 12 hours of germination while GmtB expression remains high and unchanged during this period. Depletion of GmtB expression by the glucose repressible alcA promoter causes abnormalities in polarized growth. Taken together these observations suggest that GmtB plays an important role in establishment of polarized growth. Although GmtA and GmtB reside within the same Golgi compartments they appear to perform independent functions at different developmental stages. Funded by Research Corporation, the Merck/AAAS Undergraduate Science Research Program and NSF RUI

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6th International Aspergillus Meeting
    • Asperfest 6 (2009)