Fungal Pathogen Genomics workshop

For the past three years, a week-long Fungal Pathogen Genomics workshop has run at the Sanger Inst in Hinxton UK, generously supported by the Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses program.  This workshop provides exposure to many publicly-available informatics resources (EnsemblGenomes, FungiDB, MycoCosm, SGD/CGD), and is primarily intended for lab-based fungal biologists (i.e. not just computational biologists).  Recent participants have found the workshop extremely valuable.

The 2020 Fungal Pathogen Genomics Workshop will be held May 11-16, with an application deadline of Feb 27.  If you are interested, further information and application materials are available here:

Applications are accepted from anywhere in the world; the Trust covers all local expenses, and limited bursary support for travel is available for selected applicants who would not otherwise be able to attend


Start and end dates: 

Monday, May 11, 2020 to Saturday, May 16, 2020
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