Fumonisins in Aspergillus niger: Industrial and Food aspects.

J. C. Frisvad *, K.F. Nielsen, J.M. Mogensen, U. Thrane, and T. O. Larsen

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Department of Systems Biology, Technical University of Denmark


Fumonisins are very toxic secondary metabolites from Fusarium, that was recently discovered in Aspergillus niger. A. niger (and its synonyms A. awamori and A. lacticoffeatus) is the only species in Aspergillus producing fumonisins, but only B2, B4 and B6. In contrast to Fusarium verticiilioides and other Fusaria producing fumonisins, A. niger is a generalist, and thus a lot of different foods can be contaminated with fumonisins. Fumonisins have already been detected in coffee, wine, grapes and raisins. However also in contrast to Fusarium verticillioides, A. niger produce fumonisins optimally on media with a high content of carbohydrates, and thus the many different media used in citric acid production, including apple, beet, citrus waste etc. are prone to fumonisin contamination. We have tested all available industrial strains of Aspergillus niger and they were all able to produce fumonisins and some of them also ochratoxin A. Some strains tested also produced fumonisins under citric acid production conditions. A. niger strains used for other purposes, including enzyme production, as transformation hosts etc. also produced fumonisins, at least in pure culture. Therefore A. niger is a serious problem for the industry, and different approaches to solve the problem will be mentioned.

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26th Fungal Genetics Conference
    • Fungal Genetics Conference 26th (2005)