FK463, a novel Echinocandin-like antifungal Lipopeptide


Andreas H Groll & Thomas J Walsh
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The echinocandins constitute a novel class of cyclic lipopeptides that inhibit the synthesis of 1,3-àŸ-glucan of the fungal cell wall (Kurtz and Douglas 1997). Three compounds have entered clinical development: Caspofungin (formerly MK-0991), FK463, and VER-002 (formerly LY-303366). These agents have very similar pharmacologic properties: A consistent spectrum of antifungal activity, no cross-resistance to existing antifungal agents, and lack of mechanism-based toxicity. They all possess favorable pharmacokinetic properties, but, at this point, are only available for parenteral administration (Groll et al., 1998). The following overview is limited to published data on FK463, which is being developed by Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Company, Inc.