The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory molecular analysis capabilities for fungal biology

S. E. Baker

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Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, Pacific Northwest Natl Lab, Richland, WA.


Tools for analysis of classical and reverse genetic mutants play an important role in fungal biology research. The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) at the PacificNorthwest National Laboratory is a US Department of Energy national user facility. EMSL develops and utilizes cutting edge mass spectrometry, NMR, imaging and computational capabilities to accelerate research in a number of areas. We have used EMSL’s mass spectrometry capabilities to characterize glycosylation of secreted proteins of Aspergillus niger. In addition, we have explored the use of laser ablation and nano-DESI mass spectrometry for spatial localization of molecules associated with Trichoderma reeseimycelium. Finally, spores from wildtype and albino strains of Aspergillus carbonarius were characterized using helium ion microscopy. As a national user facility, the EMSL is open to the fungal biology community through a competitive, peer-reviewed proposal process

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27th Fungal Genetics Conference
    • Fungal Genetics Conference 27th (2013)