ECMM Centre of Excellence Manchester: The Inauguration

The Mycology Reference Centre Manchester (MRCM) with the UK National Aspergillosis Centre were awarded the status 'Centre of Excellence' by the European Confederation of Medical Mycology on the 11th January 2017. This was the first such ECMM award so a launch meeting was held in Manchester to commemorate the award to the Manchester specialist centres and the inauguration of the awards by ECMM. The meeting was recorded and is presented here.

Speaker Subject Time starts
Prof Malcolm Richardson (MRCM) Welcome & host 0hrs 00'00''
Dr Edmund Jessop (NHS England) Specialised services and NHS England 0hrs 01'40''
Mandy Bailey RGN RSCN (UHSM Chief Nurse & Deputy Chief Executive) Fungal infections and the University Hospital of South Manchester 0hrs 05'28''
Prof Jane Worthington (Head of School of Biological Sciences, University of Manchester) Fungal infections and the University of Manchester 0hrs 12'42''
Prof David Denning (Director, National Aspergillosis Centre) Fungal infections in Europe 0hrs 24'26''
Jean Jones (Patient, National Aspergillosis Centre) A patients story with fungal infection 0hrs 41'30''
Prof Oliver Cornely (ECMM President) The unmet need of Mycology Excellence Centres: Clinicians view 0hrs 48'13''
Prof Katrien Lagrou (on behalf of ECMM EC Chair Prof Cornelia Lass-Flörl) The unmet need of Mycology Excellence Centres: Microbiologists view 1hrs 08'16''
Dr Lily Novak-Frazer (MRCM) Azole antifungal resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus 1hrs 20'00''
Dr Chris Kosmidis (Infectious Diseases, UHSM) Fungal infections in ECMO patients 1hrs 54'01''
Dr Riina Richardson (MRCM and Infectious Diseases, UHSM) A clinic for challenging Candida infections 2hrs 17'39''
Prof Katrien Lagrou & Prof Andreas Groll (ECMM EC Inspectors) First progress report from the Manchester ECMM EC audit. 2hrs 49'56''
Prof Oliver Cornely (ECMM President) ECMM EC certificate handover 3hrs 03'41''

View the recording here or on mobile here.