Programme e-MYCOimage: Continuing Education Programme in medical mycology, 6 dossiers per year.
Available in 5 languages ( English, Spanish, French, Polish and Portuguese).


Improving the knowledge and expertise in the fields of Haematology, Mycology and Parasitology, for all biomedical laboratories, whatever their infra-structure and technical systems in place.


All professionnals (doctors, scientists, technicians) involved in carrying out and analysing the basic haematological, mycological or parasitological tests that enable an initial diagnosis to be made. Theoretical and practical knowledge is required in order to benefit from this programme.

Training Principle

  • Based on the principle of ""problem-solving"" ;

  • Complements all continuing professional development programmes;

  • Requires you to carry out individual analysis and interpretation of tests from sample illustrations;

  • Can be completed in the workplace or at home.


  • Renowned specialists from various European countries;

  • Working in university hospitals and research centres.

No fixed date to begin course
Courses & Workshops