Diversity of halophilic fungi from mangroves

SANDIP TODKAR, Sarita Nazareth

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Goa University, Taleigao Plateau, Goa 403206, India


Halophilic and highly salt tolerant fungal genera from mangroves of Goa were isolated on high salt media. The mangroves are situated at the intertidal zone, which is the area of the shore and seabed that is exposed to air at low tide and submerged at high tide. These fungi belonged mainly to the genera Aspergillus and Penicillium, with some of these from the genera Cladosporium, Eurotium and Hortaea. All the isolates could grow at high sodium chloride concentrations up to 25%. There were significant differences in growth of each isolate at varied salt concentrations. Some of these showed a slow growth, while some had a faster growth pattern on the salt media. All were moderate halophiles, euryhaline in nature, with a wide range of salt tolerance


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Microbiology Society Annual Conference
    • MS 2013