Direct Colony PCR-RFLP (DC PCR-RFLP) for rapid identification of six medically important Candida species

Rajyoganandh SV*r Vijayakumar R, PremamaliniT and Anupma Jyoti Kindo

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Department of Microbiology, Sri Ramachandra Medical college and Research Institute, Sri Ramachandra University, Porur, Chennai-600 116


Candida sp., are the most common cause of blood stream infections caused by fungi. The epidemiology of Candida species causing blood stream infection has been shifting towards the non-albicans strains. High mortality associated with candidemia can be reduced by prompt, appropriate antifungal therapy. Hence, rapid identification and speciation of Candida isolates from blood play a significant role in management of the patients. Since, conventional methods used for speciation of Candida are laborious, time consuming and often unclear, rapid and accurate molecular techniques are required. We have standardized Direct Colony PCR-RFLP has been standardized in our laboratory which reduces the time and workforce in DNA extraction process. In the present study we have performed Direct Colony PCR for six medically important Candida speciestargeting ITS1,5.8S RNAandITS4 sequence, the PCR was performed products were then digested with restriction enzyme (Mspl). 49 blood isolates were subjected to this procedure and identified. This approach not only reduces the DNA template preparation time, but is also easy, rapid and reduces the cost of PCR. 9830;Corresponding author E-mail:[email protected]

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Society for Indian Human and Animal Mycologists 2014
    • SIHAM