Trivial name: 

7H-​Furo[3',​2':4,​5]​furo[2,​3-​c]​xanthen-​7-​one, 1,​2,​3a,​12c-​tetrahydro-​8-​hydroxy-​6-​methoxy- (7CI,​8CI); 7H-​Furo[3',​2':4,​5]​furo[2,​3-​c]​xanthen-​7-​one, 1,​2,​3a,​12c-​tetrahydro-​8-​hydroxy-​6-​methoxy-​, (3aR-​cis)​-; Sterigmatocystin, dihydro- (6CI); Dihydrosterigmatocys​tin

Systematic name: 

7H-Furo[3',2':4,5]furo[2,3-c]xanthen-7-one, 1,2,3a,12c-tetrahydro-8-hydroxy-6-methoxy-, (3aR-cis)-

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Sterigmatocystin, a metabolic product of Aspergillus versicolor. Davies, J. E.; Roberts, John C.; Wallwork, S. C. Chemistry & Industry (London, United Kingdom) (1956), 178. Mycological chemistry. VII. Sterigmatocystin, a metabolite of Aspergillus versicolor (Vuillemin) Tiraboschi. Davies, J. E.; Kirkaldy, D.; Roberts, John C. Journal of the Chemical Society (1960), 2169-78. Production of carcinogenic mycotoxins, sterigmatocystin and its allied compounds, by Emericella species. Horie, Yoshikazu; Yamazaki, Mikio. Transactions of the Mycological Society of Japan (1985), 26(3), 411-19.

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