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Geodin, dihydro- (6CI); m-​Anisic acid, 2-​(3,​5-​dichloro-​4-​methyl-​γ-​resorcyloyl)​-​5-​hydroxy-​, methyl ester (7CI,​8CI); Dihydrogeodin

Systematic name: 

Benzoic acid, 2-(3,5-dichloro-2,6-dihydroxy-4-methylbenzoyl)-5-hydroxy-3-methoxy-, methyl ester (9CI)

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The biochemistry of micro-organisms. LI. The metabolic products of Aspergillus terreus Thom. 2. Two new chlorine-​containing mold metabolic products, geodin and erdin. Raistrick, Harold; Smith, Geo. Biochemical Journal (1936), 30, 1315-22. Studies on metabolites produced by Aspergillus terreus var. aureus. I. Chemical structures and antimicrobial activities of metabolites isolated from culture broth. Inamori, Yoshihiko; Kato, Yoshiaki; Kubo, Mayuri; Kamiki, Teruo; Takemoto, Tsunematsu; Nomoto, Kyosuke. Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin (1983), 31(12), 4543-8.

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