The Design, Development, and Running of a Website for Medical Education - the Aspergillus Website as an Example.



The Aspergillus website was launched by the Fungal Research Trust in April 1998 and is hosted at the University of Manchester (http:// The site aims to be a comprehensive resource for medical and scientific data, in addition to being a platform for discussion, about pathogenic Aspergilli. The site has assembled >200 images of medical and veterinary disease, pathology, etc. The bibliographic database contains >9,000 references dating from 1848-1999. Other features of the site include medical and scientific discussion groups, comprehensive treatment recommendations, detailed laboratory methods, DNA sequence data and mycology, genomics and infectious disease web links. Although the site is focused towards scientific researchers, it also contains a lay person's description of Aspergillus in many different languages and the lay public is welcome to use the site's facilities. Up to April 99, 3050 people from 72 different countries have registered with the Aspergillus website. We will discuss general issues relating to the design and running of websites such as the appropriate use of images, home page style and the submission of URLs to search engines. In addition, we will discuss current issues in the design and running of websites for medical purposes. This includes copyright issues, the need for registration, insurance, disclaimers and obtaining accreditation from appropriate Internet organizations such as the Health on The Net Foundation. Finally we will provide a list of relevant medical resources found on the Internet.

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39th Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
    • ICAAC 39th