Design of absorber column containing zeolite LTA for the removal of Aflatoxin.

A. Jebali1, F. Hajesmail Hajar2, SH. Rodbari Mohamadi3, MH.Yadegari3

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Background: Aflatoxins are dangerous and carcinogenic toxins that can cause liver cancer and acute cirrhosis. These toxins are produced mainly by Aspergillus flavus that grows on grains and fruits. Nowadays in order to remove or reduce the Aflatoxin, there are some materials that mostly are added to livestock and poultry feed. However the fruit juices factories are also strongly involved with these toxins. Now, there is not any strategy to eliminate these toxins form the juices. In this study, the adsorbent column was build and reduction of Aflatoxin was investigated after passing the column. Material and Methods: In this study, Aspergillus flavus were prepared, cultured on PDA medium and Aflatoxin was extracted and quantified using thermo-chemical and HPLC methods, respectively. A little of the extracted Aflatoxin was added to orange juice, then LTA zeolite was synthesis by hydrothermal method and different quantities of LTA zeolite and passing times was treated with contaminated orange juice. Subsequently, the levels of Aflatoxin were determined before and after passing through the column by HPLC method. Results: The Aflatoxin levels are reduced after passing the column and the levels of Aflatoxin reductions were correlated to zeolite's quantity and passing time. Conclusion: This study showed that LTA zeolite could act as an Aflatoxin absorbent and can be used in fruit juices factories or reduction of this toxin.

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Iranian Congress on Medical Mycology
    • ICMM 2011