Demographic and laboratory findings in patients with brucellosis infection

N. Saltoglu, Y. Tasova, S. Inal, T. Seki, H. S. Z. Aksu


There are 164 patients with brucellosis are treated in our clinic between January 1994 and July 2000. In this study we intended to demonstrate the differences between two groups of rifampisin + doxycycline and rifampin + quinolone. There are 81 (49%) males, and 93 females and mean age is 40.1 (15-70) in both groups. Doxycycline 2 x 100 mg/day + rifampin 2 x 300 mg/day or quinolone (ciprofloxacine 2 x 500mg/day or ofloxacine 2 x 400 mg/day) + rifampisin 2x 300 mg/day were given to the patients for 6 weeks. Patients with Brucella spondilitis were treated for 3 months. Patients are followed 6 months after the treatment. There is no significant differences of effectiveness and relapse rate between two groups.

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11th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases
    • ECCMID 11th (2001)