Coriolis and viruses: indoor air quality and decontamination solutions


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VirNext is a private technological platform (EZUS), which markets scientific technologic and logistic services and consulting toward industrials in the field of vaccine, antiviral molecules and air/water decontamination. Indoor air pollution is characterized by chemical (VOC) and biological pollutants, which is involved in the generation of respiratory failures, cardiovascular disease, asthma, allergies and cancers. VirNext has developed broad expertise in the evaluation of different air decontamination technologies against viruses, bacteria and molds in vitro and in situ. Coriolis was integrated in several experimental set-up (one pass tunnel and nebulization chamber) to optimize yields and reproducibility in the collecting process of microorganisms. VirNext currently develops experimental protocols using Coriolis to evaluate the performance of air decontamination unit in situ. Key words : Air decontamination technologies, viruses, tests in vitro and in situ.

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Aerobiology Symposium 2013
    • AS, 2013