Conventional amphotericin B (AMB) activity against Aspergillus species in an in vitro pharmacokinetic (PK)-pharmacodynamic(PD) model

A. Elefanti, M. Siopi, N. Siafakas, L. Zerva, J. Meletiadis

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Attikon Univ. Hosp., Athens, GREECE


Background: Since most clinical data on AMB efficacy against invasive aspergillosis obtained from infections by A. fumigatus (AFM), little information exists for other Aspergillus species. Although isolates with CLSI MICs >1 mg/l are considered resistant, detection of AMB resistance is a challenge with CLSI method. We therefore investigated AMB activity in an in vitro PKPD model simulating human plasma PKs of different AMB dosing regimens against AFM, A. flavus (AFL) and A. terreus (AT). Methods: Three clinical strains of Aspergillus spp. with CLSI MICs of AMB 1mg/L were used. Several clinically relevant doses of AMB were simulated in an in vitro PKPD model simulating the biphasic 24h-plasma concentration profile of AMB in humans with free (f) Cmax 0.1-2.4 mg/l and t1/2 of

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53rd Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy
    • ICAAC, 53rd (2013)