Compatibility of Candida ID2, a new chromogenic medium, with identification and susceptibility testing reagent

Fanjat N. , N. Garcia, L. Nougier bioMérieux, La Balme-les-Grottes, France


Introduction: Candida ID 2 is a new chromogenic medium Enabling the isolation of yeasts and mold Directly from the specimen and the immediate identification of Candida albicans , the pre-identification of C. kefyr , C.lusitaniae , C. tropicalis . This new formulation of Candida ID Improves color intensity for C. albicans colonies and selectivity contre Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.

Compatibility studies of Candida ID2 with the bioMérieux products identification (ID 32C, 20CAUX API, VITEK YBC, VITEK 2 ID-YST), and the new antifungal susceptibility testing (ATB FUNGUS 2) Were performed.

Currently medium used to grow Yeasts and Moulds: Sabouraud Gentamicin Chloramphenicol (CMS) for ID products and Sabouraud Dextrose (SD) for antifungal tests Were used as comparison methods.

Methodology: Fifty (50) yeast strains Were streaked on Both Candida ID 2 and SGC, incubated 24 hours prior testing ID products, while 10 strains grown on SD, incubated 24 to 96 hours, Were used to perform antifungal strips.

Identification and antifungal products Were Performed selon the manufacturer's recommendations. Identifications and MICs generated by the different medium Were Compared.

Results: The results therefor obtained identification with API ID and show year agreement strips rate of at least 92%. Moreover, with VITEK VITEK 2 (automated system), Candida ID 2 Enables a better identification Slightly Compared To SGC medium (agreement rates of 88% and 96%, respectivement).

For ATB FUNGUS 2, the MIC agreements Within ± 1 dilution Was> = 90%, Without Any trend, Regardless drugs and the age of the culture.

Conclusion: This study Demonstrates That Candida ID 2 is fully compliant with bioMérieux products for the identification of yeasts and molds and susceptibility testing of yeasts. The Therefore this reagent Enables the identification and susceptibility testing of the hand yeasts species in clinical specimens in only 48 hours. Candida ID 2 is perfectly adapté to the diagnosis of mycosis saving time and cost for the examination of Both single and complex specimens usually Encountered in General Practices and Hospitals.


Full conference title: 

Réunion Interdisciplinaire de Chimiothérapie Anti-Infectieuse
    • RICAI 24th (2004)