Comparison of identification and sensitivity testing of 12 pathogenic filamentous fungi

Georgopoulos, I., Giakkoupi, P., Skiada, A., Petrikkos, G., Portico, E.


Purpose of the study: Identification and sensitivity testing of pathogenic filamentous fungi isolated from patients with systemic mycoses in an Athens hospital. The tests were performed in a general infectious diseases research laboratory in Athens and in a reference mycology center in Madrid. Results: The 12 isolates were identified in Madrid as Aspergillus flavus 4, Aspergillus fumigatus 2, Rhizopus sp. 2, Alternaria alternata 1, Fusarium solani 1, Nigrospora sphaerica 1 and Trichoderma viride 1. The same identification was obtained in Athens except for the last one, where no identification could be given. Sensitivity testing was performed on nine isolates in both centers with the broth microdilution method according to the existing guidelines of the NCCLS. The results were well comparable regarding Itraconazole and Flucytosine, but not so well for Amphotericin B because of one strain with a MIC=8 in Madrid. Sensitivity testing using Etest was carried out in Athens in parallel and compared to the broth microdilution, the results agreed to a great extend. Conclusion: Identification corresponded equally between the two laboratories except for one rare fungus that the reference center identified. As it is well known that the methods for susceptibility testing of filamentous fungi are not yet standardized internationally, the results obtained with the broth microdilution method matched very satisfactory for Itraconazole and Flucytosine in both laboratories.

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3rd European Congress of Chemotherapy, May 2000
    • ECC 3rd (2000)