Commercial fermentation of Aspergillus oryzae for the production of industrial enzymes

S.M. Stocks

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Novozymes, Denmark


Novozymes A/S is the largest producer of food, feed or technical enzymes world wide. These competitive sectors demand robust high yielding fermentation process and drive constant optimization. Compared to pharmaceutical GMP, food/feed GMP often permits optimization, leading to a dynamic researchdevelopment production environment. A. oryzae is used by Novozymes for production of a range of native & GM products; it is an excellent excretor of proteins and grows well in a range of media under a range of temperatures and pH’s, giving robustness at scales up to at least 160m3. From its historical use in the production of soy sauce, it is known to be food safe, and Novozymes has developed an extensive genetic tool box for the organism making it a good choice for expression of a range of native or engineered proteins from various donors. So it would appear to be an ideal host, but what challenges can this production organism throw up for the production engineer? This organism is filamentous and produces a viscous broth, giving rise to various challenges in mixing and mass transfer, which can be solved by creative application of chemical engineering principles; at the same time the complex biology of this micro organism leads to examples of counterintuitive phenomena which can also be exploited.

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158th Meeting of the Society for General Microbiology
    • SGM 158th (2006)