Color Atlas of Mycology

Color Atlas of Mycology


Gordon L. Love, MD, D(ABMM) emeritus, FCAP; Julie A. Ribes, MD, PhD, FCAP




College of American Pathologists




Color Atlas of Mycology is an up-to-date resource designed to assist pathologists and medical technologists in the laboratory identification of fungi using the most recent taxonomic classifications. The text includes more than 15 years of proficiency testing data to highlight diagnostic clusters of incorrect identifications and address conceptual classification issues. Building on the popular Mycology Benchtop Reference Guide, it is more comprehensive and complete, merging in vitro mycology (colonies on plated media/LPAB preparations) with in vivo mycology (histology/cytology).

Contents include

  • Collection, transport, and culturing of clinical specimens for fungi
  • Yeast and yeast-like fungi
  • Hyaline molds
  • Dermatophytes
  • Dimorphic fungi
  • Mucormycetes
  • Dematiaceous fungi
  • Identification methods for fungi
  • Colonial and microscopic morphology, taxonomy, and disease characteristics
  • Essential facts, including potential look-alikes, key differentiating features, ecology, and MALDI-TOF
  • In-depth A Closer Look At discussions on subjects such as germ tube testing

Contents (PDF, 56 KB)
Sample pages (PDF, 5246 KB)

Hardcover; 388 pages; 800+ images and tables; 2018
ISBN: 978-194109642-0