Colony picker as screening-tool in fungal biotechnology

Thomas Haarmann, Ute Knirsch, Jasmin Hack

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AB Enzymes GmbH


The aim of this project is to establish the QPix2 colony picker (Genetix) to pick colonies from different filamentous fungi (e.g. Aspergillus, Trichoderma) in a fast and efficient way. This is important because classical mutagenesis and screening projects require huge amounts of mutants to be picked and analysed which is highly time consuming if done manually. One additional benefit is that all the work is carried out in an enclosed chamber which is easily kept sterile by exposure to UV-light. Since the robot was originally designed for picking bacteria or yeast we had to overcome different obstacles regarding e.g. the composition of the culture media, the design of the picking-pins or the speed of movement of the picking head. Other critical parameters are the density of plated spores, age of cultures and size of the colonies. Several experiments will be shown in which we try to define the optimal values for each of these parameters. Additionally, the colony picker will be used to carry out simple plate assays to measure e.g. enzymatic activities of generated mutants semi-automatically. All of these improvements will substantially enhance the speed of classical strain development by mutagenesis and screening approaches

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    • ECFG 10th (2010)