Coccidioidal meningitis

Kelly, P. C.


The presentation focuses on the following areas of interest: clinical syndromes, the application of newer neuro imaging techniques, and chemotherapy.Clinical Syndromes: Data are presented on the natural history of untreated CM, CM among HIV- infected patients, the clinical and pathologic studies of cerebral vasculitis and encephalitis associated with CIM, and ocular manifestations of coccidioidomycosis.Neuro imaging techniques: The CT and MRI findings among cases of CRI are reviewed and correlated with clinical manifestations These techniques have resulted in early recognition of hydrocephalus and provide evidence of deep white matter disease in CM. Cerebral angiographic findings among cases of cerebral vasculitis will be reviewed.Chemotherapy: Investigations of triazole compounds as treatment for CM are reviewed. Ketoconazole, fluconazole, and itraconazole trials show suppressive effects and clinical improvement in some patients. Comparative trials among triazoles and between triazoles and amphotericin B are not available.

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Coccidioidomycosis - Centennial Conference
    • Coccidioidomycosis