Citraconic anhydride metabolite 1



Systematic name: 

2,5-Furandione, 3-methyl-4-(15-oxohexadecyl)-

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Secondary mold metabolites. VII. Long-​chain derivatives of citraconic anhydride: new metabolites of Aspergillus wentii Wehmer. Assante, Gemma; Camarda, Lorenzo; Merlini, Lucio; Nasini, Gianluca. Gazzetta Chimica Italiana (1979), 109(3-4), 151-3. Mass spectrometry of heterocyclic compounds. XVIII. New secondary metabolites of Aspergillus wentii Wehmer. The positive and negative ion mass spectra produced by electron impact. Selva, A.; Traldi, P.; Camarda, L.; Nasini, G. Biomedical Mass Spectrometry (1980), 7(4), 148-52.

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