Characterization of a Novel and Rare Secondary Metabolic Gene Cluster in Aspergillus flavus Strain 70 (Af70)

M. K. Gilbert, B. M. Mack, D. Downey, D. Bhatnagar, J. W. Cary


Aspergillus flavus is a saprophytic fungus that can invade and contaminate agronomically important crops. The fungus produces a number of toxic secondary metabolites, such as aflatoxin, which are synthesized from genes located in close proximity with each other on the chromosome. A. flavus has approximately 55 such gene clusters. Previous work in our lab characterizing global regulators of metabolism led to the identification of a putative secondary metabolic gene cluster that is present in Af70 but not in found in other A. flavus isolates including the type strain NRRL 3357. The cluster is also present in Aspergillus clavatus. It contains genes predicted to encode a polyketide synthase, two p450s, a Zn(2)-Cys(6) transcription factor and other decorating enzymes. Analysis of this secondary metabolic gene cluster, including its expression pattern, temporal profile, and regulatory characteristics in Af70 will be discussed.

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115th General Meeting of the American Society for Microbiology
    • ASM 115th (2015)