Cavitary Aspergilloma Of The Lung: Role Of CT In Diagnosis

B. Ozbay, I. Yalcinkaya, M.E. Sararya, K. Uzun


Objective Pulmonary aspergillomas usually arise from colonization of aspergillus in preexisting lung cavities. In this study, we aimed to evaluate computed tomography (CT) findings in the patients with pulmonary aspergilloma. Methods We have reviewed 9 patients with aspergilloma, who referred to the hospital between 1991 and 1996, on their tomographic findings, complaints, involvement sites, and therapeutic outcomes. Results The most common involvement site was upper lobe, which suggested the etiology of tuberculosis. All patients showed cavitary lesions due to healed tuberculosis except one. Haemoptysis was the most common complaint. All patients underwent thoracotomy. One patient developed an empyema after the operation. Operative mortality was one patient. Conclusion Computed tomography of the chest in the patients with aspergilloma is an important diagnostic tool and determines therapeutic approaching.

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The American Lung Association - American Thoracic Association Conference,1998
    • ALA-ATA