Case-control study of amphotericin B in a triglyceride fat emulsion versus conventional amphotericin B in patients with AIDS

Manfredi, R.;Chiodo, F.

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Manfredi, R, Univ Bologna, Dipartimento Med Clin Specialist & Sperimentale, Sez Malattie Infett, Div Infect Dis, Via Massarenti 11, I-40138 Bologna, Italy


We evaluated the efficacy and tolerability of amphotericin B triglyceride emulsion in 16 patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome-related candidal esophagitis and cryptococcosis, compared with standard amphotericin B in 24 patients. Compared with the conventional formulation, the fat emulsion was administered in a significantly greater daily dose, and required shorter induction period and infusion time (p

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20th International Conference on Chemotherapy
    • ICC 20th