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1-​Demethoxyreserpine; 11-​Desmethoxyreserpine; Canescin; Canescine; Canescine (Rauwolfia); Deserpic acid, methyl ester, 3,​4,​5-​trimethoxybenzoate; Deserpidin; Harmonyl; NSC 72138; Raunormin; Raunormine; Recanescin; Recanescine; Reserpidine

Systematic name: 

Yohimban-​16-​carboxylic acid, 17-​methoxy-​18-​[(3,​4,​5-​trimethoxybenzoyl)​oxy]​-​, methyl ester, (3β,​16β,​17α,​18β,​20α)​-

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A deuterium and carbon-​13 NMR study of the biosynthesis of the polyketide isocoumarin residue of canescin in Aspergillus malignus from acetate-​1,​2-​13C2 and -​1-​13C-​2-​d3, methionine-​Me-​13C,​d3, 6,​8-​dihydroxy-​3,​7-​dimethylisocoumarin, and 6,​8-​dihydroxy-​7-​formyl-​3-​methylisocoumarin. Lewis, Christopher N.; Staunton, James; Sunter, David C. Journal of the Chemical Society, Chemical Communications (1986), (1), 58-60. Standardized high-​performance liquid chromatography of 182 mycotoxins and other fungal metabolites based on alkylphenone retention indexes and UV-​VIS spectra (...

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